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question about anthropology 6

Please answer the following question. The answers needs at least 250 words. Then please reply two persons’ answer. Each comment only needs 90 words.


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n last week’s discussion, we focused on the role of the environment. However, humans also participate in “niche construction,” that is, they shape their own environment. Fire is a great example; later, we will discuss agriculture, which is an example of niche construction with even greater impact. Some argue that the earliest forms of technology (fire, stone tools) had the greatest impact on human beings. How did these cultural changes we see in Homo erectus and Homo habilis further shape the path of human evolution?

Discuss the implications that these uniquely human innovations may have had for human evolution. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. What implications do these changes have with respect to the biocultural viewpoint?

For this week’s discussion, I do not have a particular format I would like your post to take. Just choose an example of cultural changes that I mentioned in the lecture in regards to early Homo, and hypothesize how the advantages or disadvantages of these changes may have altered the course of human evolution.

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