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quot project assignment quot would be to develop a marketing plan for your quot company quot your own creation

Your “Project Assignment” would be to develop a (Marketing Plan) for your “company” (your own creation). Your Marketing Plan must contain the “five basic elements” of a Marketing Plan. Within each of the five elements there are sub-elements which are very important to cite and develop. (Hint….Review the sample from your Chapter # 2, pages 60 through 64

Your grade will be based on originality (70% or better), subject matter, relevancy and comprehension. There is “no limit” as to the number of pages to be written/submitted; (You should not copy/paste any “Marketing Plan” from other authors) originality and completeness of your Marketing Plan is what is important for your overall grade.

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NOTE/Be your own author. Unfortunately, plagiarism is an issue that appears at the college level. Plagiarism could come in different ways:

Word for Word exactly from the source, student fails to use quotation marks and citations.

Paraphrase, student fails to cite the source, but has re-written the information into his/her own words.

Mosaic, the student borrows key concepts and ideas fro other sources w/o citations.

*(Your Marketing Plan is to be submitted in APA Style of Writing; double space, with one (1) inch margins in all four (4) sides of the paper, using 12 point font, times roman or courier style of font. This “Project Assignment” is worth 40% of your total grade.)

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