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read this article and answer these questions

Read the paper “Prediabetes Phenotype Influences Improvements in Glucose Homeostasis with Resistance Training” and answer the questions about it.

Write your answers in complete sentences. I am expecting your answers to be from one to five sentences, depending on the question. (I am not looking for a lot of writing, just to see if you read and understood the paper and to see what your opinion is about some of the issues raised in it.) I will award points based on the correctness and completeness of answers, or if it is your opinion that it makes sense and that you explained your position clearly.

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1.What is your understanding of “personalized medicine”? Do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea, or somewhere in between and why? [You can google the definition if you don’t know but give me your own opinion about if it’s good or bad.]

2.In a study using human subjects, scientists in the US are required to get “informed consent” from the participants. What does this mean and why is it important? [You can google the definition if you don’t know but give me your own opinion about why it is important.]

3.What population is represented among the study subjects? [Look in the Results section, Participant Characteristics]. What is the appropriate conclusion to draw about the results based on their sample composition? [They did not address this in their discussion!]

4.Look at the data in Table 3 and the last paragraph of the Results section for Glucose Homeostasis. What was the result of the study in terms of whether the exercise program “cured” the patients of their prediabetes condition? [By “cured” I mean if the blood glucose levels reduced to normal amounts, which would be <5.3 mmol/l for fasting glucose and <7.8 mmol/l for glucose tolerance.]

5.Besides whatever changes in blood glucose study participants had, what other benefits did they get from the exercise program? [You can find these in Table 1 and the Results section Strength, Anthropometrics, Body Composition and Blood Pressure.]

6.In the second paragraph of the discussion they talk about the drug metformin that can help people manage prediabetes. Assuming that it works, what are the pros and cons of taking a drug to treat the condition versus making lifestyle changes like diet and exercise?

7.Imagine that you are a doctor treating patients who have been diagnosed with prediabetes that is of the impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) kind. How would you explain the results of this study to them so that they could understand it? [Give me your actual explanation here, not how you would go about explaining it.]

8.What other personal reflections do you have after reading this paper? For example, if you know someone who has Type I or Type II diabetes (or have it yourself) what do these results mean to you? If you love exercise (or hate exercise) what did you think about doing the exercise program yourself and the potential benefits? What other thoughts or questions did the article provoke? What follow-up study would you do if you were working with these authors? [There is no right answer here and you don’t need to answer all of my questions, just let me know something that you thought about!]

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