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reflective essay 34

I attended two events in my college, one was about computer science and electrical engineering and the other was about how to format a technical report. The course I’m in is ENGR102 you can read what is needed in the attached file. and also I will write it here if you can’t see it:

One of the major objectives of this course is to “acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies”.

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Part 1: Did you have to use a different learning strategy or study technique to learn MATLAB, compared to ENGR 101 or other engineering-related courses? Even if you will not use MATLAB much in your field of study, you will be asked to think logically through a problem the way you did when creating a computer program. How does this logical progression of thought translate in other areas of engineering?

Part 2: One of the ABET objectives for engineering graduates is to develop and conduct appropriate experimentations, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgement to draw conclusions. What does this mean to you as a future engineering professional? Why is it important to have the ability to analyze and interpret data?

Part 3: What new knowledge did you gain from your out-of-class events and how does it apply to your future as an engineering student?

For the technical report I will attach how my university need technical reports. That should be all. thanks.

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