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reflective essay 39

This is “Theatre and Culture” class, around the semester we have talked about plays like “Shakespeare” and others.

The professor trying to teach us about the production elements, dialogue, style, religion, plot, characters, and gender differences.

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  • The reflective essay provides you an opportunity to select and assess the work you’ve done this semester and relate it to the course learning outcomes.
  • The reflective essay must respond to the following:
  1. What have you learned this semester (in relation to the learning outcomes on the syllabus) and why and how do the pieces of evidence you’ve chosen demonstrate that? (Make sure you explicitly link your evidence to the learning outcomes.)
  2. What did you do or not do that helped or hindered your learning during the semester?
  3. How do you think you will use what you’ve learned in the future?
  • In the reflective essay, your task is to demonstrate which of the learning outcomes for the course you have achieved. You demonstrate this achievement by writing a well-formed essay that cites evidence from your coursework (you must include the performance response and one discussion posting as pieces of evidence; other evidence can be from other posting, module exercises, your other short response, quizzes, and so on). Remember: you must use the evidence to support your argument. Do not just say, “You can see I have achieved learning outcome number 1 by looking at my first performance response.” You have to say something like, “You can see from performance response 1, where I say this that and the other thing, that I demonstrate my achievement of learning outcome number 1.” You can also demonstrate your achievement of a learning outcome by explaining how you would do something differently now from when you first did it (for example, “Although in my discussion posting on non-Western theatre, I wrote x, y, and z, I would now change that to a, b, and c, which clearly shows that I have achieved learning outcome 1.”
  • Your essay should be as long as it needs to be, but I expect you will need between 1000 and 1500 words (3-5 pages) to adequately address the assignment.
  • The reflective essay must: successfully address all aspects of the assignment, exhibit structural integrity, demonstrate reasoning and coherence, and utilize language appropriate to the context and audience. The essay is due Friday, April 26th, no later than midnight. Remember, this is a formal essay and you should format it accordingly, including choice of font, size, and margins.

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