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Religious morals and laws

Steven Janocha



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Religious morals and laws

 Morality is defined as the beliefs which define what is right or wrong concerning actions and behaviors. A law is a decree a community requires its people to follow. On the other hand, religion is a belief system which is based on confidence in a supreme power. All of the three terms work in hand in hand to ensure the success of each other. In religion, morality is a guideline framework concerning framework personal behavior that is meant to guide the believers on what is right or wrong. For example, Triple Jems of Jainism, Islam’s Sharia, Buddhism’s Eightfold Path and Catholicism’s Canon Law. Various sociologists have been determining how to separate the three terms for each to be independent.

The frameworks used by the religion for highlighting for the believers the right and wrong actions and behaviors are outlined and explained in the various sources such as holy books which include the Bible and the Koran among others. Also, other sources include; oral and written traditions and also the religious leaders. In the holy books such as the Bible, a right action is when an individual do the righteous things. For example following and respecting the Ten Commandments which is provided in the law.

However, there are conflicts in the morality depending on the type of religions and its laws and ethics. For instance, murder in Hinduism is allowed to those individuals in the caste system. The importance of religious morals and laws is to provide a guideline for the creation of culture for which the individuals will use it in the daily lives. The subject is an important aspect of the socialization concept and determination of the connections between individuals in society.


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