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Many athletes take ergogenic aids before competing in games or tournaments like the Olympics. However, before they decide to take these aids, I think that athletes should ask a few questions. The athletes who are considering taking an ergogenic aid should first ask if it is safe. These athletes should do their own research, away from the pressures of coaches and maybe even teammates to see the side effects of these ergogenic aids. They should then ask more if taking ergogenic aids is safe for them specifically. Although some ergogenic aids are generally safe, they make have a different impact on different individuals. As a result, athletes should do research and discover if a treatment is safe for them. One of the articles discussed how caffeine ingestion affects individuals differently based on variations in people’s genetic makeup. For example, one gene, CYP1A2, effects caffeine metabolization speed and nervous system excitability. Finally, I think athletes should ask themselves if taking these ergogenic aids is really fair. Is it a form of cheating or is it merely leveling the playing field as perhaps all athletes do something that gives them a certain leg up against the competition? Overall, I do not think that the decision about whether or not to take ergogenic aids and which type to take should not be one that is treated lightly.

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Athletes, before starting taking ergogenic aids, have to go through questions like if the substance is useful? If it is safe to take this supplement? What are the risks of using this product? If it legal to use this medicine in the united states, then why should you buy it? I have used Redbull to give me the energy to study or to do something; my parents always say to me that it is terrible for my health and that they met someone that died because of it. I have a friend that tried the amphetamine pill, so he could study and focus on his work. He was trying to stimulate his brain. The problem was not during the effect of the pill; during the pill, he was able to be productive and to solve everything on time. It was after the pill. He had all the side effects of the pill, headache, loss of appetite, dry mouth, nervousness, and he could not sleep. He did not know how to take this medicine properly since it was without a prescription basically (illegal). The only thing he knew was that it would be tough for him to get rid of the symptoms he was experiencing. We should “draw the line” between what is right and wrong in our lives. It is essential to remember that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to supplements or drugs. You can always make your own choices about which one works best for you and your health.

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