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research analysis 13

Select a scholarly research study that meets the criteria for the assignment in this unit. You may use one that you will use for the assignment in this unit. Write a thorough summary of the study that includes the purpose of the study, the design and methods used by the researchers, and the results of the research. Complete a preliminary analysis of how the research relates to the case study you selected.

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The case of Janna and Alex


Janna, a school counselor, is working with seven-year-old Alex, a first grader at Constance Elementary in a rural town in Ohio. Alex was adopted from a Romanian orphanage at age three. In the orphanage, there was very few staff and many children. Alex, along with the other children in the orphanage, did not have much interaction with one another or with the staff. Alex spent extended periods in his crib where he could see other children in the room, but was unable to interact. His well-meaning caretakers had time just enough time to feed and clean him, but did not spend time talking or playing with him or the other children.

As a first grader in a class of 25 students, Alex is required to interact daily with other children. Alex often plays alone and doesn’t acknowledge the other children. His teacher comments that Alex appears “to be in his own little world”. When other children approach him, he appears not to notice them. He then becomes aggressive toward the other children when they get in his “personal space”. The principal does not understand why Alex acts the way he does and gets noticeably angry with him. The principal has talked with his adoptive parents, and is threatening to expel him if he acts out again.

Janna has been assigned to work with Alex to prevent further aggression.

Consider the individual, family, societal, cultural, and ethical issues Janna must think about as she interacts with Alex, his teacher, his adoptive parents, and the school principal.

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