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research and discussion


Utilize at least three (3) peer-reviewed articles for this research assignment on Organization Design and Structure. Submit written assignments with correct formats, proper grammar, syntax, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation as specified by Standard American English. All assignments are to be completed at a scholarly level. This means that if you are submitting a paper, a standard APA format is required. two paragraph per question

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Upon completion of your research, please respond to the following questions (3 points each):

1. Explain the interrelated components regarded as effective for organizational design and structure?

2. Describe the two components of organizational structure with examples.

3. List and explain the five models of organizational ‘grouping’? In what type of organizations would you find each grouping?

4. What types of mechanisms are considered for organizational ‘linking’? What do these mechanisms entail within a firm’s setting?

5. What alternatives may be considered when restructuring organizations?

Document 2 Discussion

What is the difference between the mechanistic model and the organic model of organizational structure?

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