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research assignment unmanned systems operations and contingency planning

In this activity, you will develop a response to the following:

Select a UAS platform (aerial or space-based) in which information is readily available for the ground control station (GCS). Research some key operations performed during the mission and the station designs employed to perform operations, including monitoring and data dissemination. Include a discussion of contingency operations performed when there is a system anomaly and how the design accommodates in the recovery of such problems. Your response should include a discussion of:

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  • Number and size of the GCS, including remote stations if applicable.
  • Infrastructure used in the station including operation centers, data storage centers, communications terminals.
  • Typical complement of operational personnel to include their main functions and schedules.
  • A summary of operational interfaces used to plan, schedule, command, and monitor the vehicle and its associated payloads.
  • Contingency operations designed into the system
  • Methods of recovery during anomalies to return the system to normal operations.

Your response should be at least 5 pages long and supported with appropriate reference citations (e.g., scholarly, peer-reviewed, from reputable sources). Your submission should be written in APA format and include a title page and references section.

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