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sociology final portfolio

Now it’s time to think about preparing a synthesis of your learning in this class. What do we mean by “synthesis”?

Synthesizing is a process of combining ideas from multiple places into a coherent whole.

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When you are synthesizing something, you are compiling information in a new way that reflects your own independent conclusions and analysis. In this class, we have discussed many diverse and often controversial subjects. It has been my goal and my hope that throughout this course you have learned more about how society works to create and maintain inequality. One of the best ways to reflect on what you have learned is to write about it.

Offline, in a word processor, write a 400-600 word essay synthesizing the class. Remember, you are not just paraphrasing or describing the research.Push yourself to go beyond your discussion posts by making new connections or offering new conclusions.

You might use this opportunity to situate your essa in the content of the course more broadly, relate other ideas in the class to each other, draw out one or two themes that you think are central to understanding inequality, or explore how axes or concepts that we did not cover in class can be understood or are related to the material we covered.

I will send the essaies I wrote this quarter and the sample portfolio to you later.

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