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spotify research paper do section 4 only

SEC 10-K filings

Yahoo! Finance

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San Jose State Library online databases

Section I: Introduction, leadership, & Mission Statement

A brief introduction to the business



nature of the business,

founding date,

the number of employees,

the brief biographies of founders and current leaders

major shareholders

the composition of clientele,

annual revenue,

the growth history of the business

The firm’s mission Statement

The mission

The vision

Values (corporate culture)

Major goals

Section II: External Analyses


Identify the industry.

Its products or services

Key players


Environmental analyses of the industry

Discuss at least two factors

Political factors

Economic factors

Social factors

Technological factors


Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces’ Model

Risk of entry by potential competitors

Entry barriers

Intensity of rivalry among established firms

Who and why

Bargaining power of suppliers

Who and why

Bargaining power of buyers

Who and why

Threat of substitutes

Who and why


Andrew Grove’s sixth force

Who and why


Use the Industry Life Cycle Analysis model to identify the stage in which the firm’s industry finds


Section III: The Internal analyses

1. Identify the firm’s business models.

How does the firm make money?

2. Use the Appraisal Framework for Resources and Capabilities to evaluate your firm’s strengths

and weaknesses.

3. Use the Blue Ocean Strategy industry canvas to compare your firm with its competitors.

Section IV: Business Proposal

1. What are the firm’s main problems?

External environment

-Threat of substitutes

-Paradigm shift

-Bargaining power of suppliers

-Or others Internal operations

-Business models




-Or others

2. Use Blue Ocean Strategy canvas to propose an ideal value curve relative to competitors.

3. Provide three concrete strategies to help the firm to survive and thrive.

-Use data to support your proposed strategies.

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