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sweatshops, economics homework help, 2 pages essay

You are to read the two included articles on “sweatshops” (which I am putting in quotation marks because the term does involve some subjectivity in definition) and consider whether the U.S. should import products produced under sweatshop conditions. Do you believe that importing sweatshop merchandise benefits the producing nation and the workers in the sweatshop? Who do you think would benefit it the U.S. either imposed tariffs on goods produce in sweatshops or banned importation of these goods altogether? If you believe it is okay for the U.S. to import goods produced under sweatshop conditions, would there be any other conditions for production which might justify a ban on trade (endangered species, child labor, slave or prisoner labor)?

You are to write 2 to 3 pages in response to this question. You are free to look at other source material, but make sure to reference other materials you use in your essay. You do not have to provide reference details the two assigned reading I have provide, But do so for other materials you use.

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