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The Boston Beer Company Annual Balance Sheet Period Ended 12/26/2015 12/27/2014 12/28/2013 Update Update Update 4/22/2016 4/22/2016 4/30/2015 In

Financial Report

For this part of the assessment, you will prepare a financial report in response to a hypothetical scenario:

A major global disaster (in this case an oil spill) has caused environmental damage and has affected global transportation as well. As the controller of your chosen company, you are tasked with providing a financial report to the board of directors addressing how this event will affect your company. 

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Analyze the effects of the global disaster on the financial statements of your chosen company using the financial information from your



Recommend strategies to address the effects of the disaster on your chosen company based on your analysis.

The Boston Beer Company
Annual Balance Sheet
Period Ended12/26/201512/27/201412/28/2013
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Cash & Equivalents94.1976.449.52
Cash and Short Term Investments94.1976.449.52
Accounts Receivable – Trade, Gross39.233742.16
Provision for Doubtful Accounts-0.24-0.14-0.16
Accounts Receivable – Trade, Net38.9836.8642
Receivables – Other14.9321.832.02
Total Receivables, Net53.9158.6944.02
Inventories – Finished Goods8.2610.7917.09
Inventories – Work In Progress8.887.398.45
Inventories – Raw Materials42.1239.5435.12
Inventories – Other-2.8-6.41-4.26
Total Inventory56.4651.3156.4
Prepaid Expenses9.8411.598.27
Deferred Income Tax – Current Asset6.988.695.71
Other Current Assets2.220.790.35
Other Current Assets, Total9.29.486.07
Total Current Assets223.6207.46164.28
Buildings – Gross113.8785.0251.83
Land / Improvements – Gross25.1423.9923.26
Machinery / Equipment – Gross478.21444.97334.6
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total – Gross617.21553.98409.69
Accumulated Depreciation, Total-207.29-172.41-143.13
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total – Net409.93381.57266.56
Goodwill, Net3.683.683.68
Other Long Term Assets8.1912.459.56
Other Long Term Assets, Total8.1912.459.56
Total Assets645.4605.16444.08
Accounts Payable42.7235.5834.42
Accrued Expenses3032.9938.73
Notes Payable / Short Term Debt000
Current Portion of Long Term Debt / Capital Leases0.060.060.05
Customer Advances12.3113.432.67
Security Deposits18.8719.6719.45
Income Taxes Payable3.956.038.83
Other Current Liabilities3.252.420.23
Other Current liabilities, Total38.3841.5531.17
Total Current Liabilities111.16110.17104.38
Long Term Debt0.470.530.58
Total Long Term Debt0.470.530.58
Total Debt0.530.580.64
Deferred Income Tax – Long Term Liability5650.7232.39
Deferred Income Tax5650.7232.39
Other Long Term Liabilities16.557.614.64
Other Liabilities, Total16.557.614.64
Total Liabilities184.18169.02141.99
Common Stock0.130.130.13
Common Stock, Total0.130.130.13
Additional Paid-In Capital290.1224.91173.03
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit)171.95212.23129.35
Other Comprehensive Income-0.95-1.13-0.42
Other Equity, Total-0.95-1.13-0.42
Total Equity461.22436.14302.09
Total Liabilities & Shareholders’ Equity645.4605.16444.08
Shares Outstanding – Common Stock Primary Issue9.399.458.79
Shares Outstanding – Common Issue 23.373.623.96
Total Common Shares Outstanding12.7613.0712.75
Treasury Shares – Common Stock Primary Issue000
Treasury Shares – Common Issue 2000
Number of Common Shareholders10,248.0011,256.0012,362.00
Deferred Revenue – Current12.3113.432.67
Total Current Assets less Inventory167.14156.16107.88
Quick Ratio1.51.421.03
Current Ratio2.011.881.57
Net Debt-93.66-75.82-48.89
Tangible Book Value457.54432.46298.4
Tangible Book Value per Share35.8733.0923.41
Total Operating Leases, Supplemental17.527.269.4
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 12.662.262.73
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 22.811.62.04
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 32.811.61.94
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 42.480.510.98
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 52.480.510.57
Operating Lease Payments Due in 2-3 Years5.623.23.98
Operating Lease Payments Due in 4-5 Years4.961.011.54
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 6 & Beyond4.290.781.15
Pension Obligation – Domestic4.114.092.89
Post-Retirement Obligation0.670.720.51
Plan Assets – Domestic2.472.42.23
Funded Status – Domestic-1.63-1.69-0.66
Funded Status – Post-Retirement-0.67-0.72-0.51
Accumulated Obligation – Post-Retirement0.670.720.51
Total Funded Status-2.31-2.41-1.17
Discount Rate – Domestic4.545
Equity % – Domestic676665
Debt Securities % – Domestic333435
Total Plan Obligations4.784.813.39
Total Plan Assets2.472.42.23

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