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The Essentials of Technical Communication 3rd Proposal and Analysis

There are three deliverables for this assignment: (Please submit each one of them in different files to me)

A. A request for proposal (2 pages, single-spaced) that solicits proposals to address a specific problem or situation.

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B. A proposal (4 pages, single-spaced) that responds to the RFP.

C. An analysis (2 pages, single-spaced) of your composing process for both the RFP and proposal.

Directions for A

First, In order to complete the RFP, you will do the following:

  1. As a company or organization (non-profit, government entity, etc.) of your choosing (henceforth known in this assignment description as Company A), identify a problem or situation that necessitates soliciting proposals to help Company A address that problem or situation.
  2. Write an RFP that:
    1. Introduces Company A.
    2. Describes the problem or situation that Company A needs help addressing.
    3. Communicates any specifications that the proposal must address.
    4. Provides contact information and due date for proposal submission.

Note: Please make sure to not forget anything and follow the steps above carefully, Also, I want to remind you that the RFP you’re about to write is not a memo because the RFP will be issued by one company or organization (Company A) and responded to by another (Company B). Therefore, don’t include the memo formatting at the top. Another very important thing I want to mention is that the formatting of the paper is really important for this assignment, it is part of the grading. Therefore, please make sure to use headers for different sections(such as: Background, Purpose, Timeline Contact etc…), different bullet points throughout the paper to avoid long paragraphs because this is not academic writing. It is for a technical communication course, so the paper has to look professional with paragraphs that are not too long to increase readability mixed with different bullet points to get the information across concisely and clearly. So, please make sure to spend time on the design of the paper. Feel free to add some colors(it needs to look professional though) to make it interesting, a logo would be great if possible, a good choice of font and other design elements to make it look professional and to avoid the traditional academic paper look.

Directions for B

After you’re done with the RFP, As another company or organization of your choosing (henceforth known in this assignment description as Company B), write a proposal that responds to the RFP from Company A.

Note: You should of course rename “Company A” and “Company B” in such a way that is specific to the situation that you have chosen.

Your proposal should include:

  1. A summary.
  2. A main body (see Textbook attached p. 239, please follow the steps carefully )
  3. Appendices (optional — e.g., resumes, extended cases studies).

For detailed instructions on what is expected for the proposal please check the textbook from page 238- 243.

Note: As far as the format goes everything I said on the RFP section applies for the proposal as well. So, please make sure to include different bullet points to avoid long paragraphs(increases readability), use headers for different sections, and check out other elements I mentioned regarding design for the RFP paper above.

Directions for C

Write 2 pages, single-spaced memo (not counting any images) in which you explain to me the rhetorical choices that you made in the process of composing your RFP and proposal. Your memo should address the following elements of your process at both the macro(such as: Situation, Purpose/Exigency, Audience,Genre) and micro levels, meaning if, for example, your audience has intermediate knowledge of the subject how did that influence your style, design, content choice, etc. Also, please add at least one screenshot from the RFP and one from the proposal you have composed to clearly show what you are talking about and use it as an evidence for your analysis. One screenshot from each is the minimum, It is an analysis, so please don’t just “tell” make sure you support your claims with evidence. Therefore, I believe you may need more than one screenshot from each.Some questions to think about in drafting your memo include:

  • Who is the audience for your RFP and how did you designate that in the RFP?
  • What is the purpose of the RFP and how did you make that purpose clear to the audience?
  • Why did you include the information that you did in the RFP?
  • Who is the audience for your proposal and how did you designate that in the proposal?
  • What is the purpose of the proposal and how did you make that purpose clear to the audience?
  • How was your choice of design in the RFP related to purpose and audience?
  • Etc.

Finally, in regards to the format for this final paper, I want to mention that it is a memo as I stated above and what I said about different bullet points to avoid long paragraphs and increase readability on the other papers still applies for this one as well. Using headers for different sections is also needed. For this third paper, I’m also going to attach an example that demonstrates the format expected for the memo. It is an example of a basic memo, please check it out. This memo is going to be addressed to our professor so be straightforward(mention the purpose of the memo in the first paragraph, creative introduction like you do in academic writing is not needed, being clear and getting your message across in a is what’s needed), it has to be as if we’re talking to her. Since a memo is not supposed to be written like an academic paper don’t be afraid to demonstrate agency, you don’t have to avoid using “I” you’re going to explain your process so you will need it to utilize it. Don’t overuse it but make sure you use it.

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