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Tool Marks Evidence, law homework help

Tool marks may impart both class and individual characteristics. Footwear and tire impressions can be invaluable evidence yielding both individual and class characteristics. First, complete the following exercises on the Virtual Lab Companion Site. The sign in information is below:
Username: 0536502676_test
Password: 0536502676_P

    • Forensic Science “Footwear Impressions” activity
    • Forensic Science “Tool Mark Analysis” activity

Then, write a 2-3 page Essay that addresses the following prompts:

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    • How should tool mark evidence be collected and what information can be gained?
    • Discuss footwear and how impression evidence is collected. Include a discussion of the databases used for comparing evidence.
    • Discuss Gun Shot Residue (G.S.R.). Include the two types, the importance of each, and what this information may provide.
    • What steps must be completed to ensure firearms evidence is correctly collected and preserved?
    • How would you go about collecting impressions in each of the following situations?:
      1. A shoe print in dry dirt.
      2. A tool mark on a windowsill.
      3. Tire marks in soft earth.
      4. A shoe print on a loose piece of tile.
      5. A very faint shoe print in dust on a colored linoleum floor.

Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format.

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