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Topic: Organic Architecture of Fallingwater House.

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Topic: Organic Architecture of Fallingwater House.

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Writing Assignment

 Brief opening statement of no more than a couple of sentences.

 Explain the physical relationship between the waterfall and the house known as


 Discuss the source of construction materials used and how they enhance a sense of

unity between the site, the house, and the surrounding area.

 Interpret and explain Wright’s the concept of “organic architecture”.

 Discuss with specifics, Feng Shui concepts incorporated in design elements for

o walls, windows

o fireplace

o room openings

o décor

o color scheme.

 Explain the placement, material used, architectural advantages, and possible

aesthetic function of exterior cantilever terraces.

 Explain whether or not you think the Fallingwater house and property merit

maintenance and preservation.

Caution: Waste no words on “Filler”. Filler is flour and bulking in ice cream and other food products. In

a paper, filler bulks up the word count.

“Filler” example, “Fallingwater is a wonderful home by the world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

His genius shows in every detail of the house where lovely touches add to the inside to make this the

most famous house in the entire world.” None of this statement is relevant to the assignment tasks of

“how it’s made” and to what effect.

Resource List

Reference four authoritative sources with numbered in-text citations and closing bibliography. Use these

resources and/or locate other authoritative sources.

Frank Lloyd Wright 4:32 computer graphic movie assembling Fallingwater

same video at wait a minute for the video to load.

Photos inside the house with detailed information; video virtual tour http://www.wrighthouse.


Architectural Digest

Lindsey Mather 1/2016

How to Use Feng Shui to Create a Happy and Healthy Home…

The Irish Examiner

Ailan Quinlan 10/15/16

Amanda Collins is the Irish Feng shui master transforming Dreamworks


Formatting, presentation, submission, grade rubric

o Write in plain text (the type used for this assignment) using 12 pt. type (such as Arial,

Times Roman). Do not write using italics.

o Use your computer’s word processor Review option to check spelling and grammar.

o Separate paragraphs visually with an extra blank line.

o Number citations (# in parenthesis) placed within the essay identifying where research

informed your writing. Numbered citations correspond to the numbered bibliography that

must be included at the end of your paper. Refer to at least four of the resources listed

above and include them in your bibliography.

o The essay content is to be a minimum of 850 words and not much more than 950 words of

original writing (not counting citations and bibliography). Do not use any quotations.

o Do not use any quotations in the paper. Paraphrase the information in your own words.

Turnitin will tag quotes and similar wordings in the originality report. If the report is more

than 7% similarity revision and resubmission to both drop boxes will be necessary.

o Title your paper and the submissions comments as the same. Title + word count.


Submission title ex: Fallingwater + 940

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