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Trade. Write 250 words discussion

Have you ever traded any stocks? If yes, discuss how you personally decide about your portfolio(Have you change your methods in the past few years). Do you buy the majority of your stocks for a short sell or not? Which market/s have you used for your tradings? Do you prefer riskier stocks with a higher return or do you think of yourself as a risk-averse person? Explain why you find your method of trade the best. If you have a very successful trading story feel free to share it with the class.

If you never traded any stocks, Discuss which market would be your preferred place to trade. What kind of stock you would choose and how you would determine the shape of your portfolio. (Basically, think about the questions above and try to answer how you would approach them if you want to start trading)

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Different financial institutions use various approaches to their trades and shaping their optimum portfolios. Most of them expect their potential employees to have a clear idea about the benefits of their approach and their objectives. Thinking about these questions and learning from other’s experiences can help you practice getting ready and prepare your answers more efficiently.

Some companies like Dimensional fund advisors use more advanced financial methods such as more developed versions of the 3-factor model initially introduced by Nobel winner Fama and French for their trades. More companies are getting attracted to this approach. You might like to do some reading on this models during your free time.


Please read the question and try to answer based on your opinion and to search the available online resources.

All the work has to be 100 percent original and professional

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