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Transformational Leadership-Case Study Analysis

Assignment 1: Transformational Leadership-Case Study Analysis

Locate and analyze two case studies where one leader is a transactional leader and the other is a transformational leader. For example, using an Apple or a GE leader who exhibits characteristics of transactional leadership while a leader at Southwest Airlines or Whole Foods Markets might exhibit characteristics of transformational leadership. There are many leaders who use these approaches-you do the research and choose two that you would like to learn more about.

Review the Guidelines for Preparing and Writing APA Papers and follow the Guidelines for Case Study Analysis in the course resource folder to prepare an APA paper, no more than a five-pages, in which you:

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  1. Use the adapted Bass/Burns model from Week 1 to analyze the two styles of these leaders along with the change initiative they addressed, the behaviors they exhibited, the role of the followers, their accomplishments, and the outcomes.
  2. Synthesize the information along with two recommendations to bring your findings to a conclusion for both organizations.
  3. Validate your findings with data, facts, and other information to support your recommendations and conclusion for the paper.

some sources but not limited to:

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