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transmission and distribution systems design assignment


Provide the knowledge and design skills to develop a residential electrical wiring system as per regulation standards.

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Summary of the task:

Electrical house wiring regulations are necessary to decide the conductor size of cable for 220-240 V electrical supply under different weather conditions. First, it is necessary to understand the significance of power-flow study to fix the voltage-limits from the source to the load point. Then based on 17th wiring regulations/16th IEE wiring regulations/ National wiring regulations, design the ampere carrying capacity of wires used in a house. Further, recommend the safe and cost-effective earthing technique to avoid from electric shock.

Furthermore, the report should contain as per the marking scheme uploaded as attachment named “Scheme”.

You are instructed to read, understand the following points to complete the given Electrical Wiring- Design task for the house:

1. Conduct a power-flow study distribution radial network having 04/05 nodes to understand voltage variation from source to load by assuming load data and line data.

2. Collect the electrical load capacity for all appliances of a sample residential house.

3. Calculate the conductor design current (Ib), nominal current (In), perspective current (Iz), short circuit current (Isc) and % voltage drop for 1-phase, AC supply voltage with following parameters:

• Standard insulated conductors for group of 2/3/4/5/6 and clip to a surface.

• Cable operating under 03 different ambient temperature conditions.

• Refer to Appendix, I’ve uploaded as attachment named “Appendix”.

4. Sketch and compare the different type of earthing systems used in Sultanate of Oman/Any other opted country for studies and recommend cost effective suitable earthing system.

5. Calculate the earth fault loop impedance for home selected and justify its need.

*** Words count = 2000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded two attachments named “Scheme” and “Appindix”.

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