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two classmates response 1


1) Both authors are sharing their personal life stories.

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2) Their purpose to teach us different life lessons from their personal experiences.

3) I think the result of the author being so openly sharing their life stories is positive because they both are conveying effective messages through their writings. I had a good feeling reading these text because there was a lot to learn for a reader in these authors’ pieces of writings. I think Orwell made his store more effective by giving certain advice to become a good writer.

4) The main idea in these two stories is to understand both the authors’ academic challenges.

5) “I tried to abandon this idea but I did so with the consciousness that I was outraging my true nature and that sooner or later I would have settled down and written books”( George Orwell). “I often fought with her. Through tears, I would protest why do I have to learn Chinese and study much? I’m an American” (Susan Cheng).

These two pieces of evidence show that how the authors have certain challenges pursuing their academic goals.

6) I enjoyed reading the articles because both stories had strong life lessons in them.

7) The idea “The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude” (Orwell). Is not agreeable for me because I think art and politics are separate entities since art shows the true nature of a thing and existing ideas while politics manipulates them.

8) Because of being Asian and living in America, I have taken influences I have taken influences from the both region which is why I would say that I fall somewhere in between self-determinism and filial piety. I agree that at some point it is better to follow our parent’s determined way to go because they have more life experiences than we do. On the other hand, I also believe that children should be able to make decisions and protect their self-determination. To keep balances between both is the place where my Ideas where originated from.

Name: Dina Alasoo

Title: Week 4 Discussion: Orwell&Cheng

1-Orwell is sharing a personal stories. Cheng is sharing personal stories too.

2-I think Orwell chose this specific sentence to show readers how his life was, he was lonely then he reach his goals to be a good writer. Cheng chose this specific examples to show how she didn’t listen to her mom when she was told her or learn her things to do in her life. Then, she saw her mom was right . Orwell purpose is to show people to work hard and achieve their goals in their lives like him , he was lonely and had hard time in his school with his friends, then he worked and reach his goals to be a good writer. Cheng purpose is told people to trust their parents because in her life she was shamed how her mm was worked in restaurant and ask Cheng to learn her work but Cheng wasn’t lern. Then, she trust her mom talk and she saw her mom was right with her.

3-I think both authors experiences so open because their examples happens a lot in real life and there people affected this experiences too. For Orwell stories was shock because I feel so sad about him how his life was hard and he didn’t saw his parents a lot, is so hard to feel lonely always. For Cheng stories was happy and exited because I feel so happy how Cheng mom worked so hard to bring everything to her family and Cheng saw her mom work, and trust her in the end. Both articles was effective but I think Cheng was more effective because it show more details in real life and a lot her examples happens with people.

4- Orwell main argument is to show people how was lonely and he had a good time to write books and poems. Cheng main argument is to show readers how everyone has different culture in his/her life, and there some culture forces people to do things they don;t like it.

5- The two pieces support Orwell argument is how Orwell learn and write books and poems, he achieve his goals to be a good writer. Also, Orwell support his argument lonely without help any one, he was lonely in his life. For Cheng, she support her argument is to show readers how forces her culture and learn things that don’t like it, and she understand her mom talk and thank her mom to learn her everything.

6- The intrigued most about Orwell article was how Orwell didn’t saw his father before was eight. The most intrigued about Cheng article was she understand and thank her mom for everything. I enjoyed reading both articles because each article show me how some culture forces people to do things they don’t want and how people can work so hard and achieve their goals in their lives .

7- I think Orwell means by this piece the art is so important and show people different things or events that happens for each one. I disagree with his statement because art is special things and doesn’t matter art is a political attitude, art come by people work hard and by their imagination to do the art they want.

8-I don’t have any experience with this tension. I believe that childen owe their parents to conform to their wishes because always parents learn and advice their children to do correct things in their lives. Cheng trust her mom and thank her in the end for everything did for her.

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