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u s constitutional amendment proposal presentation

Constitutional amendments exist to correct a perceived problem with the existing document. In previous weeks, you examined the Bill of Rights and the process for constitutional amendment. For this assignment, each team must consider a possible constitutional amendment

Each team will choose between two options. One option is a rather noncontroversial issue for the general public, while the second issue is more controversial. With your Learning Team, select one of the options provided for your team letter. Regardless of the option you choose, your presentation and speaker notes must be based on constitutional and legal arguments—NOT on opinion. Remember to respect your classmates’ points of view.

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Team A

Option 1: Should the Constitution be amended to limit Congress members to 12 years of total service?


Create an 18- to 20-slide presentation where you:

Identify your team’s option for amending the Constitution.

Provide a brief history of the topic.

Discuss why your team thinks the topic should or should not be posed as a constitutional amendment.

Include introduction and conclusion slides.

Online and Directed-Study students: Include detailed speaker notes with citations with your slides.

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