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was american diplomacy during the 2nd half of the 19th century imperialism or colonialism

**HINT Kolasa’s Lecture notes, Cobbs’ Chapter 4 and On-line Textbook will be helpful in answering this question

Works should be cites

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another example on how to answer the question:American

Diplomacy was during the second half of the 19th century imperialism. In Chapter 4 of the Cobbs textbook, it is revealed that the United States employed numerous techniques in order to heighten United States immigration control while also adopting a variety of immigration laws. “The United States achieved that through two new arms of imperialism in modern America: border diplomacy and border policing” (Cobbs, 91). Later on, other agreements would be made in addition to these immigration laws. One of these later agreements “placed more border controls on Chinese immigrants exclusively” (Cobbs, 92) and because of this, CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) officials “agreed to deliver all Chinese passengers seeking admission into the United States under guard directly to U.S. inspectors stationed at four designated ports along the Canadian border” (Cobbs, 92). In the on-line textbook, the topic of “triangular diplomacy” is discussed in detail, with specific regard to the United States, the USSR, and China.

The website states that Nixon “initiated several new trends in American diplomatic relations” ( The website continues to explain how Nixon and his adviser, Henry Kissinger, went on to create the policy known as triangular diplomacy. The authors of explain how no one would come forward to challenge Nixon’s anticommunist credentials, as his “overtures were chiefly accepted by the American public” ( Through these various facts, we can see that American Diplomacy was an occurrence during the second half of the 19th century imperialism, rather than colonialism.

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