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Web Assignment 2

This assignment is in tandem with the website: Six Word Memoirs. As this class addresses culture/intercultural communication, this website is an excellent partner for this assignment. The website encourages us to write out feelings in “six-word memoirs” and that is what you will be doing for this assignment!

Project Preparation Instructions:

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Video [Watch]: (Links to an external site.)

Website [Read]: (Links to an external site.)

  • Using the links provided (above), watch the video about Six Word Memoirs and read what this website and community is all about! Take notes. You will need them for the essay!

Send an email or text or have a face to face conversation with at least 3 friends or family members and ask them to:

  • come up with 6 words that describe their perception or feelings about culture/intercultural interactions.
  • Also, ask them to explain the meaning of their six-word memoir. Ask for as much detail in the explanation as possible.
  • Save or print out the six-word memoirs/explanations. You will use this information in your final essay.

Create, explain and save your own six-word memoir about culture/intercultural communication.

Writing the Essay:

Paragraph 1: Start with a proper introduction to your essay.

Paragraph 2: Provide information about the 6-Word beginnings—who started the program? When was it started? What is the history of this program? (video). Also, provide detailed information about the website and purpose.

Paragraph 3: Start this paragraph with your six word memoir in “ “. Then, in detail, explain what it means.

Paragraphs 4, 5 & 6: The three 6-word memoirs you collected will be explained in three separate paragraphs. In each paragraph (4-6) start with the six word memoir in “ “. Then, in detail, explain what it means according to the author. Finally, what do you think about the memoir and explanation?

  • Stay away from a “good or bad” evaluation. I am looking for something other than “I liked it” of “I thought it was good”. What does the 6-word memoir and explanation say to you about the /author/person?

Paragraph 7: This essay should have a clear conclusion.

NOTE: Your essay should:

  • have a clear (and brief) introduction, a body and a clear (and brief) conclusion.
  • be 1000-1200 words in length.
  • incorporate three textbook references from three different chapters. Include a clear in-text reference (Author, page #). Do not include a reference page.
  • free from spelling and grammar errors.
  • college-level writing

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