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What could be some sources of an individual’s resistance to change? Management homework help

There are many things that force change in an organization such as the nature of the workforce, technology, competition, economic forces, social trends, and world politics.

Organizations often face change that is unexpected and sudden but it can also be a purposeful decision that organizations undertake.  There are ways to foster an environment that is able to adapt and change with the demands of the marketplace.  Planned change is engaging in activities that are proactive and purposeful to improve the ability of the organization to handle change and to change employee behavior.  Through this process change agents, those acting as leaders in the change process, are essential for successfully achieving the desired change.

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Whenever change is present, there is resistance to change.  Individuals and groups become comfortable with things that are familiar, and change threatens the status quo.  There are different ways that change is resisted by employees.  It can be overt and immediate where complaints are voiced and people will fail to engage in job actions or perform negative actions that hinder productivity.  It can also be implicit and deferred when employees lose their loyalty and their motivation.  As the resistance is deferred, it becomes more difficult to find the link between the source and the reaction.

What could be some sources of an individual’s resistance to change?

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