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A Holiday, Politics, and Wives

Part One: A Holiday-Required

Use the following materials to address the prompt in one, well-developed paragraphs: How do these depictions of Thanksgiving compare with your own beliefs or ideas about the holiday and the traditions you may practice? If we were to demonstrate historical empathy (Links to an external site.) with the peoples of the Americas, how might our perspective of Thanksgiving change and why?  Be specific. Use direct evidence from your readings and the materials here to support claims and analysis in your paragraphs.

Part Two: Working with Lecture-Required

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This week in lecture I presented two philosophers and their views on human nature and government—Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.  In one, well-developed paragraph (or more), explain who you side with and why??  A little bit of both? How can we see these philosophies alive and well in our political world today.

Part Three:

Based on the provided excerpt from Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, what is Locke arguing?  WHY?  You must write one to two, well-developed paragraphs with direct quotes from the source that are evidence for your analysis. And as always, you must have citations/notes for direct quotes and paraphrases as footnotes/endnotes in the Chicago Style.

political cartoon....many people together before the giant or governemnt

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