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Article Review 3 1

1. Using the CSU Online Library read the following article from the Business Source Complete database:
Phipps S. Prieto L. & Ndinguri E. (2013). Understanding the impact of Employee Involvement on Organizational Productivity: The Moderating Role of Organizational Commitment.Journal of Organizational Culture Communications & Conflict 17(2) 107-120.

Write a summary of the article. Include the purpose for the article how research was conducted (if any) the results and other pertinent information. How does the article relate to what you are learning in this course?
Discuss the meaning or implications of the articles contents as well as any flaws you find in the article. What could have made the article better? Was any information left out?

How could the author expand on the results? Does the articles information relate to your professional or personal life? How?
Your review must be a minimum of 700 words not counting the cover page and reference page. All sources used including the textbook must be referenced using proper APA formatting; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.
APA Format
Must be orginal work the system will check for plagriism

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