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BEM3701 Columbia Southern Anniston Army Depot Hazardous Waste PPT


Working with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act National Priority List (NPL)

This assignment will give you practice in preparing and developing a presentation that describes and summarizes a hazardous waste scenario. Being able to identify key facts and to put these into context for the audience is an important part of developing effective communication skills. You are addressing community stakeholders who have a vital interest about this hazardous waste incident.

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Anniston Army Depot (Southeast Industrial Area) – Use the information that is available in the reading assignments for this unit to do the following.

  • Describe why this site is listed on the NPL.
  • Explain what actions are being taken to remediate the site.
  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive presentation that includes but is not limited to issues, impacts, clean-up activities, and status.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides, not counting your title and reference slides. Ensure you provide an informative introduction to the presentation. It would be beneficial to include graphics, charts, etc. to enhance your presentation. You should include at least one outside source besides your textbook for reference. Please ensure that all outside sources, including your textbook and websites, are cited and referenced using correct APA-style formatting.

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