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Benefits of studying business management and marketing

Benefits of studying business management and marketing

Studying business management and marketing alongside each other will give you a unique insight into how organizations are managed, and how marketing can be used to highlight the quality and value of products, brands, and services.

  1. It allows you to develop essential business management skills

As a student of business management and marketing, you will develop a broad range of skills that will make you an asset to any organization, regardless of the sector. At EU Business School, we teach using case studies, so students learn how to apply business theory to real world business problems. We frequently assign group projects and presentations to improve students’ communication, management, and public speaking skills.

The skills you will develop on the BA (Hons) in Business Management (Marketing) course include:

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Critical thinking





Public speaking and presenting

Project management

  1. Your degree course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of business management and marketing

This is especially important if you are a recent high school graduate, or if you are changing career and have no previous experience in the field.

At EU, our BA (Hons) in Business Management (Marketing) program gives students the tools and entrepreneurial mindset they need to excel in today’s postmodern marketing environment. Students gain in-depth knowledge of marketing principles, getting an understanding of how marketing functions within the different departments of an international organization.

  1. Gain practical experience in multiple fields

It is important that future business managers learn how to combine elements of different business disciplines, so they are able to run all facets of an organization with understanding and efficacy.

Benefits of studying business management and marketing

If you study business management and marketing at EU, you will also take modules geared towards finance, economics, operations management, and performance metrics. Plus, you will have the opportunity to attend guest lectures from global business leaders in all sectors (e.g., fashion, media, banking, non-profit, sports, hospitality, and technology), as part of a holistic program designed to give you all the skills and contacts you need to kick start your career after graduation.

  1. Having a degree makes you more attractive to employers

Although there’s no substitute for experience, for most marketing roles these days, you also need to be able to produce a degree certificate. You will learn to apply the theory you’ve been taught in class on the job very quickly.

EU Business School is partnered with various European universities to confer degrees, and we have been given four stars for excellence in business education by QS stars. Thanks to the quality of our courses, 93% of EU Business School students are offered, and accept, a job within six months of graduating.

Here are just some of the roles our BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing) graduates have gone on to fill:

Marketing manager

Consumer insights manager

Trade marketing manager

Media planner

  1. Or, you could become your own boss!

After completing a degree in business management & marketing, you could set up your own company doing whatever it is you are passionate about. You will be equipped with a solid understanding of key business principles and know how to market yourself. All you need now is a viable business idea!

One of the compulsory modules on our BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing) course is, ‘Developing an Enterprising Mindset’. This class teaches you how to channel their creativity and recognize the difference between a business idea and a business opportunity. It also shows you how to create a business plan. You will develop transferable skills that you can use throughout your marketing career whether you work for yourself or for other people.

Reasons for studying business management and marketing in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s biggest economic centers – BarcelonaGeneva, and Munich, where three of our campuses are located, are international hubs for business and finance.

Gain a world-class education across borders – Thanks to cross-border agreements between European universities, you can learn from the best in business across the continent. At EU, Business Management (Marketing) students have the opportunity to transfer between our Barcelona and Munich campuses.

It raises your chances of finding a job after graduation – Studying abroad demonstrates to potential employers that you are independent, curious, and a bit of a risk taker. These are all qualities a good business leader should have, and hiring managers will be ready to snap you up as soon as they see this experience on your CV!

The student experience – Whether you’re interested in art, history, or a buzzing club scene, Europe has it all. Outside of class, experience Barcelona or Munich like a local. And don’t feel like you always have to stay in one spot! Freedom of movement – not to mention the cheap travel prices – mean that you can visit all the places on your travel list while you are here.

tatistical analysis is something that may sound complicated but could actually be something that you end up using in a range of different career options.

It relates to collecting, exploring and presenting data in a way that helps you to uncover existing patterns and trends.

Companies have huge amounts of data, including things like sales data, internal information, income reports, social media analytics etc. All of this data is right there at the touch of your fingertips, but sometimes all this information can mean nothing if you don’t know how to read it.

If you want to make informed decisions that can help drive the company forward, you need to base your decisions on data. Statistical analysis is the process of taking all the data your company has and using it to make decisions.

Using data is extremely important as facts and figures can be objectively measured. If your company is trying to make an important decision that could affect profits or people’s jobs, it is not possible to take action based on a gut feeling alone.





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