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case study 1309

Case Study ( international students and difficulties with health centers in USA)

An important element of health communication work is the ability to successfully use theory to help make sense of contemporary health issues. For this assignment, you will create a case study using a theory or topic discussed in class. Your case should be based on a current health issue related to interpersonal health communication, such as EOL communication or disclosure of a personal health issue. This case can be based in the US or be a global health issue.The case must, however, be contemporary and relevant. The case can be based on a real-life case (see Example #1) or fictionalized (see Example #2).

For this case study, you should:

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1.Write a brief abstract about the case (this should be written after the case is complete)

2.Write an introduction setting up the topic

3.Explore the literature you are using to analyze the case (like a mini lit review)

4.Explain the case and use the theory to analyze it. Make sure to specifically connect elements/tenets of the theory to the case. Use examples from the news articles to help illustrate this (as appropriate).

This case study should be written in APA 6th edition (including a title page and references). This case study should be 5000-6000 (excluding the title page, abstract, and references).


Attached file is Example #2

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