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Constructing a writing plan

Constructing a writing plan

After re-reading the selected according and analyzing it critically, it is vivid that McFadden’sprimary goal remains same. For instance, herprimepurposeis challenging of calling people or referring to them without using gender pronouns. McFaddenBrainstorms if there is a way to which, a writer or a speaker can refer to a person without necessarily using gender pronouns like, he/she, his/her among others. Critically, analyze the entire of this text; it is clear that McFadden’s goal does not change. For example, she describes the challenges presented when it comes to referring to people without using gender pronouns. “As the after-dinner speaker at a recent professional conference, I heard a text replete with ”he/she’s” and ”his/ her’s” read aloud for the first time. The hapless program female chairperson stuck with the job chose to render these orally as ”he-slash-she” and ”hisslash-her,” turning the following day’s schedule for conference participants into what sounded like a replay of the Manson killings.”The quote clearly shows the challenge people have while addressing people using gender pronouns.

            Subsequently, in this article, McFadden uses various key points in achieving her goal, as highlighted below. Foremost, the author uses tricky situations where people find it hard when it comes to calling people without using the gender pronouns. For instance, the author uses various artists who have to find it difficult in referring to people without using gender pronouns. For example, from the text; ”The author of the article, Sydney Weisman, is a female.” So the war of the pronouns and suffixes rates, taking no prisoners except writers. Neuter your prose with all those clanking ”he/she’’. Thus, from this quotation, it is evident that most authors of various books find it hard to use masculine, rather they prefer to use gender pronouns while referencing to people. Secondly, the author states how different people find it hard when referring using Gender pronouns since no one is certain whether God is male or female. Therefore, people ends up confusing audiences, while addressing them, since the public are not sure if the speaker is referring to God or human being when he or she uses gender pronouns.

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            On another hand, the audience going to read essay will find some difficulties in understanding it clearly due to the following reasons. The first challenge I will have in supporting my argument is that the quotations I have used, wereemployed by theauthor. Thus, I am not sure if the opinion of McFaddenwas on facts or just imagination. Secondly, just like most speakers and writers, it’s hard to address anaudience without using gender pronouns when referring to the author or the other person quoted. For instance, in this essay, there is a place where McFaddensaid referring to a female by gender is like discriminating them.

The goal of writing this critical analysis essay is to highlight outmultiple instances in life where theuse of pronouns while referring to people is not okay. Foremost, when using pronouns about a person, it is hard to the person you are addressing to know whether the person referred to is a woman or a male. Thus, people should be using the real names of individuals or use masculine while referring to them to make communication clear. Secondly, there are some situations where using gender pronouns do not apply. For example, when referring to a transgender person, it is hard whether to call the person he or her. Hence, McFadden is right when she claims that “the neutering of spoken and written English, with its attendant self-consciousness, remains ludicrous.”

            However, there are some cases in this article where I disagree with McFadden opinion about her topic of discussion. For example from this quote; ”Though I speak with the tongues of persons and angels …” it is vivid that the pronoun I here am clear. The pronoun is referring to anyone reading that particular verse. Therefore, this pronoun in this context was correctly used by the speaker. The second instance from the text where I disagree with the where McFaddensays; As the after-dinner speaker at a recent professional conference, I heard a text replete with ”he/she’s” and ”his/ her’s” read aloud for the first time. The hapless program female chairperson stuck with the job chose to render these orally as ”he-slash-she” and ”hisslash-her.” For instance, if McFadden is in theposition of hearing the message from the main speaker, then she is inaposition to tell whether the person is male or female. Thus, I disagree with theauthor when she refers to the speaker in the above context as she/he.

            Consequently, to improve feedback from outside party, I need to consider the following critical elements. Firstly, I need to write an essay that has agood flow of ideas, so that the outsiders can quickly identify where I need to improve to make my writing great. Subsequently, I need to use some direct quotes from the article am using to write the essay to make my writings more logic. Thirdly, I need to use simple and definite language in my article so that the outside party can easily read and understand it to make the necessary recommendations that will improve my composition in thefinal project. Therefore, I will utilize the feedback from the outside party, whether criticisms or positive to perfect my last project to score thehighest grade.

            Peer evaluation is the revision strategy I will deploy while writing my essay due to outlined reasons below. Foremost, it is hard for a person to identify his or her mistakes. Thus, giving my classmates my work will greatly help in highlighting the errors in my writing. Secondly, when my classmates go through my essay, they can give me more ideas that can help me in improving my composition, unlike when I revise by myself. Therefore, peer revision is the best revising strategy for best essay writing since the student not only identify his or her mistakes but also gets more ideas about the composition. 

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