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CP Repurposing Plan

For this assignment, I’d like you to go through your CP and create a repurposing plan for your next assignment, the Advocacy Project. Before answering the following questions, review the AP prompt to familiarize yourself with the expectations for the assignment.

The Assignment

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For EACH paragraph of your CP (including your introduction and your conclusion), I’d like you to answer each of the following questions:

1. Do you plan on keeping this paragraph for your AP? (Simply write “yes” or “no”)

2. IF YES TO #1, What is the main purpose for this paragraph? How can you use this paragraph to help support your argument for your proposed solution?

3. IF YES TO #1, are there any changes that you will need to make to this paragraph to make it more focused on advocacy? What writing will need to be added and/or removed? What sentences will need to be rewritten? What information will need to be included or improved? What are those specific changes will you make?

After answering these questions for EACH of the paragraphs in your CP, write a response to the following:

4. Outline the paragraphs you will still need to write. What will their main arguments be?

5. What research have you already found that will be useful?

6. What research or evidence do you still need to find?

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