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discussion 3 and two replies


“What challenges exist for service marketers that are trying to build a brand?”

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Challenges are evident in any branding experience whether for a product or service but seem to be more of a challenge for services. One of the biggest challenges with service branding is that the service is not tangible so a customer is basing their purchase on word of mouth and may not be able to see a result right away (Johnson, K). Due to not being able to take something home with them or not being able to physically touch what they are purchasing, the consumer must simply rely on what they are being told. To overcome this, earning trust and building a reputation is key (Johnson, K). Adding to this point by proving to be another challenge is the absolute need to create personal relationships with consumers. By ensuing a consumer can relate to the business and understand that how an employee completes the service will effect whether the consumer repeats business (Johnson, K). Creating personal relationships does not end with consumers but continues to all stakeholders including distributors and all involved within the success of the business. Lastly, if the brand is completely new to the market, consumers may have a difficult time believing in something that is brand new and they are unable to see or understand. By creating unique marketing materials and bringing an edge to the brand consumers will be more likely to try the brand. Regardless on the brand, services provide different challenges than products but can be overcome with research and proper marketing techniques.

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Building a brand is not a simple task in any industry. It takes work to get the public to see the company the way you want it to. A brand is what the appearance of the businesses is to the consumers. John Williams put it in the best form of words, “Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”(Williams, 2005). Some of the challenges of building a brand are figuring out what the brand should be and executing it.

The message the company wants to send is vital in getting the right consumers. It is difficult to come up with the brand that is wanting to be shared. For example: a car washing company cannot be luxury, but only accept used cars. There are only so many messages that can be in the frame of the brand. In the service industry, there are not products, but concepts. A business can be hard working, trustworthy, and honest. Those can never hurt, but things need to stand out. Deciding what needs to be done to stand out is the hardest part.

Executing plans creates who the company is, but it takes hard work. It turns into how a company handles their rude guests or their scheduling conflicts. A company cannot just put those words through their media and expect it to come true. They need to complete these goals in day to day activities. It takes time for the brand to take its course. The company needs to put that idea into the consumers brains, but the operations department must execute. The two paths must collide.

All in all the companies need to gain the customer experience to promote their brand. The marketing needs to result in the sales of consumers. Without consumers involved there can be no brand to be named. Setting the standard they want, and executing them are two of the biggest issues a company will face. Once those two things are out of the way the brand can be solid.

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