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foreign company global expansion into the us 1

Under Assignment are the requirements with more details, but I will write the main points here.

Capstone project: Develop, write, and present your own case on a company and country of your choice. You can select a company headquartered in another country. Select a company that is large enough so that you will be able to find sufficient financial information.

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Length of paper = 10 pages or less

A. Introduction of Industry (Type, Life cycle, Products, Markets, Global considerations, etc.)

B. History of your Company (Locations, Employees, Revenue, Clients/Customers, etc.)

C. Business Initiatives and Strategies in Foreign Markets (You pick the country or market.)

D. Competitors (Consider the successes and challenges of other organizations in that country.)

E. Financial information including statements/pricing/risks [but not limited to]

F. Conclusion (Your recommendation of where and how to develop global strategies for your company.)

G. Appendix: PESTLE, VRIN, VRIO, or VRIST framework The appendix can go over the 10-page limit if need be.

(I will attach the company chossen, and examples we have read after the selected writer has been chosen.)

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