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international business 91



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Due on April 8 at start of class

The topics for class during the first several sessions deal with globalization, economics, accounting, forms of business organization and corporate governance.

The assignment, to be handed in on April 8, focuses on globalization today and its ramifications and consists of:

1) From the Wall St. Journal; New York Times; Financial Times; or the Economist; (NOT the L.A.Times, O.C. Register, or USA Today) select an article that discusses: Status of Globalizationtoday; Outlook for International Business; or the Impact of Political Unrest on International Business. The article must be dated between March 15 and April 4, 2019.

2) After reading and analyzing the article you choose, write a 3-4 page typed paper (Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margins, 1.5 spacing) explaining how your chosen article relates to the principles of international business covered in class thus far, including the text book chapters assigned for weeks 1 and 2 or other chapters in the Text. You need to include direct references/quotes from assigned reading and/or lecture.

3) Staple your chosen article to your paper when handed in April 8. Be sure that your individual student I.D. # is on all pages including the article.

Nearly each day the publications listed above have at least 1 article dealing with the indicated topics. The class website has dozens of articles from prior months and years of the type, not necessarily topic, that reflects what you can select as your specific article.

Do Not choose an article talking about the “ups/downs” or gains and losses of the stock market; this is not an acceptable topic at this point in the class.

Do Not select an article that has been handed out in this class or is posted on the class website.

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