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it s an assignment 1

Management Style Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate how you would handle each situation. Each answer should be 1-2 pages in length and include what type of management styles/strategies are observed or would you use. Please do not write the question in your essay. Refer to the management styles in your textbook. This assignment must have a cover page and reference page. Please write this paper in essay form and answer each question. APA Format is required.

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1) You are a brand-new manager to the organization. The director is your trainer. While walking through the property, you notice that she picks up a $100 bill from the floor and places it in her pocket. At the end of the day, you both walk out of the hotel to the parking lot. You realize she never turned in the money or reported to lost and found. One day later, the guest reported missing the $100 bill. How would you handle this situation?

2) You and Mark are both Housekeeping managers. You have been friends since college and are neighbors. Mark is the person who helped get you this job. Mark has been having personal problems and has arrived at work 2 hours late for three days straight. Mark pulls you aside and asks if you could tell the director that Mark has arrived on time each day. How would you handle this situation?

3) You are the manager of property XYZ. Sally called in sick for her shift. Tommy who is Sally’s co-worker informs you that Sally is posting party pictures on Facebook and does not appear to be ill. How would you handle this situation?

4) You and the director of the property are inspecting rooms. In one of the rooms, you notice bed bugs. You inform the director and he tells you to ignore it since the hotel is sold out and we would not be able to move the guest to another room. How would you handle this situation?

5) Your two best employees begin to argue about who is doing more work. As you hear them argue, you begin to walk towards them. Once you arrive, both employees are pushing each other. They immediately stop once you have arrived. Both were apologetic for their actions. Your hotel has a zero-tolerance policy about physical confrontation. HR advises that both should be terminated. How would you handle this situation?

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