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Laugh Your Way to Learning

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This is a different kind of class discussion, so please read the expectations and rubric carefully. Because of the length and complexity of this assignment, you will want to work offline (as in an MS Word document). When you complete your essay, you will then include the comic for us all to be able to review and to respond. If the comic is not included, you will not receive a grade.

Also, this discussion will be open for several weeks to give everyone more than enough time to think about and to create a quality product and responses. You may enter, post, and return to the discussion at any point between the open and close dates of the discussion.

I hope that you have some fun searching for and reflecting upon comics and crafting your essay in order to help us engage with the class material in a potentially unfamiliar way.

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Instructions are below:


Humor is a great way to enjoy the learning process and as the old adage indicates, “It’s only funny because it’s true.” Therefore, you will enrich the class with your appropriate use of humor.

Choose a comic strip, from the internet, book, or from the good old-fashioned funny pages that covers an aspect of Organizational Behavior, or one of the major themes that we have or will explore in the course. Relevant terminology must not only be used, but connected to the comic.

Write an essay including, but not limited to which specific topic from this course is being explored and why it is of significant value to our learning process. The comic will be included in this document. The essay will be no shorter than 400 words and no longer than 550 words and will explicitly be linked to course concepts.

NOTE: Do not simply summarize what is going on in the comic i.e. Calvin is speaking with Hobbes and building a transmogrifier. To meet the expectations, you must address the relevant underlying topic of the comic and its significance to this class.

The references will be in APA Format (Links to an external site.) with at least two in-text citations. You may certainly cite the textbook–and don\’t forget to cite the comic.

I very much look forward to a creative, value added discussion where understanding of your chosen topic is clearly demonstrated. Please refer to the rubric to ensure that you are on track.

In order to be eligible for full credit, you must also substantively reply to at least two of your classmates. These response posts must be made on different days than your main post. If your reply does not add value to the discussion and take it further, you will not earn credit for the reply. Please note that there two different types of comments: comments to the post and replies to comments. You will need to make one of each in order to meet the expectations. Please follow the milestone due dates to stay on track.

Please keep our learning community strong!

Prof. Russo



I will need the cartoon in apa format and link to it

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