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Management Case Study, management homework help (6 page minimum)

The requirements are below.  I have attached several files, please review them all, descriptions are as follows:

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1. Case study sample – sample case study writeup for Rockefeller 

2.  Rockefeller.pdf- Rockefeller sample  case study 

3.  Case study sample – Sample writeup based on the Rockefeller sample case study

3.  Case study template- the write ups must follow this template as shown in the sample.

4.  Google+China-KEL242[1].pdf –  the case study for you to write about according to the following requirements:

Your case study will be not less than six pages in length.  

It will be double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins throughout.  

Appendices, charts, citations and endnotes are not included in the page length             constraints.  

Do not plagiarize sources; if you feel compelled to quote an external source, use         appropriate attributions and citations.

Be aware of the Similarity Score before you press the submit button. If you have         more than 10% similarity score on the submitted case study, you will receive an          automatic zero. No exceptions.

Your case study will be direct and to the point, but will not be so brief as to only provide veneer without necessary depth.  It will be insightful and thoughtful and present your answers to the specific questions provided.  It will also present your creative application of the course material to the topic at hand. 

Cases will be graded based upon comprehension and application of the course material (both textbook and lecture), as well as your insight, interpretation and attempt to draw business conclusions from the case and questions posed.

In other words, do not simply regurgitate the textbook or lecture material to respond to the case questions.  Use your own insight and creative thinking to form an informed opinion about the case and include your opinions and insights in your paper.  

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