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Motivation Reply on Discussion Post

A transition in leadership is a key point in any group of people. Whether it’s for a business or for a nursing floor the transition in leadership can change the entire outlook for how a business functions. Having seenand been on the receiving end of what happens when a floor is poorly transitioned, I can say with full confidence that a poorly managed transition with ineffective management can drastically impact the successful outcome of someone’s job.

My floor is currently undergoing a new transition in management due largely in part to poor management of the floor.Through a system of lack of leadership, no support or positive feedback to the staff, unrealistic goals and expectations, and lack of supervision, the floor that I work on in my hospital had a severe drop in productivity, job satisfaction, and patient satisfaction. Despite excellent nursing scores our goals were not being met and patient satisfaction was dropping. As stated by Keller and Meaney (2018), “nine out of ten teams whose leader had a successful transition go on to meet their three year performance goals”.We however had been struggling with that and eventually it was becoming increasingly difficult to do the jobs we had been assigned.With the recent transition in management there has already been drastic improvement on the floor with both satisfaction and overall performance and scores and within less than a month we have become closer to meeting those goals. As a floor we were aware of the new leadership as she was a director for another floor. We were aware of how involved she was, that her employees were happier and that they were well informed supported which helped smooth her transition in to absorbing our department as well. “However, with the right plan in place, informed by outside strategists if needed, the sense of uncertainty and risk that comes with leadership transition can be eased, and a choice that brings confidence, optimism, and peace of mind can be made” (Weinberg, 2019).

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Having watched the transition of the new director in to the position I can say that balance is key in taking over a new position.The “fully functioning manager” is listed as “caring intensely about task accomplishment and caring deeply about people” (Manning and Curtis, 2015, p. 25).Our new manager has taken a lot of care to make sure that we’re aware that new changes will have to change, but that good things will be kept and that has helped to ease the transition.

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