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parties to criminal law

1.Alan, Bob, Chris, and Derek carjack a vehicle and take the female driver to a secluded location where Bob and Chris rape the victim. The victim can identify all four suspects, but cannot identify the two that raped her.

(a) Who are the principals in the carjacking?

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Alan, Bob, Chris, and Derek
(b) Who are the principals in the rape?

Alan, Bob, Chris, and Derek
(c) Who are the accessories in each crime?

Alan and Derek

2. Tyler is walking down the street when Jim asks him to hold a ladder, as Jim has locked himself out of his house and needs to climb through the 2nd story window. Tyler holds the ladder and Jim enters the house, which is not his, and commits a burglary.

(a) Who are the principals in the burglary?

– Jim
(b) Is Tyler guilty of aiding and abetting? Why or why not?


3. David, Helen, and Carol live together. Helen and Carol have been fighting and do not get along. David and Helen are good friends. David wants peace in the house so he kills Carol. David calls Helen and tells her to come home and see that he killed Carol. Helen arrives home and is very happy to see the result and she smiles and laughs with David.

Is Helen a principal in the murder of Carol? Why or why not?

– No, because she wasn’t there before or during the crime.

4. Al steals a pair of shoes from the shoe store that he works at. Peg sees the theft and tells Al that she won’t tell the police if Al gives her $100. Al agrees.

Is this a crime? If so, what crime has occurred?

5. Homer watches Marge shoplift a new dress. Homer tells Marge that if she doesn’t have sex with him, he will tell the police. Marge agrees to have sex.

Would this be considered compounding a crime (PC 153)? Why or why not?

6. Frederico sees his girlfriend Bianca in a romantic situation with Hernando. Frederico gets mad and pulls out a gun and shoots Hernando. Frederico runs home and tells his Tia Juana that he shot Hernando. Juana tells Frederico that he needs to leave the area and go to Mexico. Juana asks her neighbor Claudia to drive Frederico to Mexico immediately, as he needs to visit his dying grandfather. Claudia drives Frederico to the border and watches him walk into Mexico.

What criminal party involvement (principal, accessory, accomplice, agent, etc.) do the following people have in this case –


(b) Juana

(c) Claudia

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