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philosophy reading and essay 300 words 2

Please read the attached article (5 pages) and listen to the lecture

Then, choose one of the following dichotomies to discuss in your essay:

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    • Absolute/relative
    • Conditional/bi-conditional
    • Essence/accident
    • Knowledge by acquaintance/description
    • Objective/subjective
    • Necessary/sufficient
    • Realist/non-realist
    • Syntax/semantics

1) Make sure you clearly identify where the in the assigned readings (with citation information in parentheses) the topic is discussed.

2) Explain completely what the readings say about the topic.

3) Include a full quote (sentence) from the source explaining the point.

4) Then, explain WHY you think the point is important and how it helps you better understand what critical thinking entails.

5) Finally, give a “real world” example of how you could use the point (concept) to better evaluate arguments and/or develop arguments.

REMEMBER to cite (in-text and works cited) all sources used in writing your essay and responses using correct MLA formatting.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You MUST cite all sources used to construct your essay. Failure to cite any website visited or any source used will result in a 0 for the assignment. Please cite your sources! If you visit the site — you must cite it.

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