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PSYC13021 Central Offender Profiling Forensic Psychology Case Report

hello, I need help completing this assesment please find details of the assesment below and I have attached what I have started with,, please feel free ot fix up add, amdned any thing perviously included.

You are asked to identify a single historical closed case (or sequence of cases involving the same offender/offenders), to collect and pool information on that case, and to then individually produce a summary of that case (i.e., one submission per person). APA style is required

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Using journal articles, or books, and media reports, identify a solved case in which criminal offender profiling was used. Answer the following questions about that case:

1. Identify the case (offence type, location, year, etc).

2. What characteristics of the offender were identified? (e.g., race, age, etc).

3. Was the profile accurate? Which characteristics of the offender were accurately or inaccurately identified?

4. Was the profile useful in the investigation? Why/why not?

Your report, in its entirety, should be submitted on maximum of four A4 pages, comprising:

Page 1: Cover page (your name, names of your group members, your student id number, title of your report)

Pages 2-3: Answers to questions 1-4.

Page 4: References

APA style is required

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