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research proposal source evaluation blog

This project invites you to engage in research as inquiry, conversation, and rhetorical practice toward goals of creating new knowledge and enacting change in the world.

During the unit, we will learn about and apply responsible research practices. We will also explore the social contexts in which research and researched writing exists. We will look behind the scenes to learn about the context in which sources are published and distributed and how sources “speak” to each other. We will also examine how research and information is presented in different genres.

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Once you have explored key sources to understand the conversation around your topic & question(s), you will prepare to enter that conversation yourself as a writer and researcher. To do this, you will begin by writing a research proposal.

In many academic disciplines and programs, both students and professors will write a research proposal before they launch a research project—a study or paper. Research proposals are also very common in professional or corporate environments where supervisors may ask an employee to write up a project proposal before that project is launched.

The source blog & research proposal lead to Writing Project 3, which is the research project itself.

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