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Hi, I need help with the SQL, please see the picture… ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment



First, let’s evaluate the trips table with the SHDH CDLIJHHS FROM trips; statement. The oumut should be this:
+ —————————————————— 1— ——————————— —|-————i—————-l— ————————— i——— ——————————— +
| Field | Type | Hull | Key | Default | Extra |
+ —————————————————— 1— ——————————— —|-————i—————-l— ————————— i——— ——————————— +
| id | int{3} | ND | PHI | NULL | aut0_increlent |
| trip_datetirle_start | datetirle | HD | | NULL | |
| trip_datetirle_end | datetirle | YES | | HULL | |
| trip_total_fare | float(8,2] | YES | | 8.86 | |
+ —————————————————— 1— ——————————— —|-————1—————-l— ————————— i——— ——————————— + 4 runs in set (8.65 sec) Understanding the N0 database selected
SQL error In case you get an ERRDR 1946 (SDBBB): N0 database selected; SQL error prompt, make
sure you switch to the right database using the USE db_na|1e; command in order for the commands we present in this unit to work properly. SQL data types Please select all of the possible correct answers and Check it! to have your answer assessed. If you are wrong, you will see the correct answer highlighted: What is true about these SQL data types? The DATE SQL data typehas a WW—HH—IJD 63:83:33 format
The FLOAT(size, d) SQL data type is part of the numbers data types.
The VARCHAMsize) allows a maximum of 140 characters. IHT(size) data type is suitable for non-dedmal numbers and can be a negative digit.

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