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social capital trust and adaptation to climate change evidence from rural ethiopia

I need to present “Findings and Policy Implications ” part.

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Each student participates in a group presentation (4 students per group). The presentation

group will present an assigned article in 25 minutes, and the discussion group will prepare and

lead 15 minutes discussion. Each group should meet with me (or email me the slides) prior to

the presentation and receive feedback on the proposed presentation agenda.

Presentation The presentation group members may split up the work. For example, Student

A may present the first half of the article while Student B may present the second half. Student

C may offer the critique and comments. The group should get together to assign roles and

discuss strategy. Presentation group should:

  • your slides should clearly outline and deliver papers’ motivation, research questions, data,
  • method, findings, policy suggestions, and your critique/comments on this article. (15


  • your presentation should be clear (10 points)
  • your slides should be clear and simple (5 points)
  • do not read slides (5 points)
  • should have an effective class discussion (5 points)
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