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Social Ethical and Legal Implications Word Project Marketing Plan Outline Report No Plagiarism

I am currently in a master’s graduate course in marketing and was needing some help in a research marketing plan outline report for better understanding of the material when it comes to creating a marketing plan based off my chosen company of Apple, Inc. and their “Apple Pay Service” product. Below is the following topics to be written up and instructions, including attachments, that have to be integrated into a marketing plan and outline report project that I have listed below and would greatly appreciate very much all the help I can get on this for better understanding and formatting this outline and timeline project report.

Week 6 MKT 571 Assignment: Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications

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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help students think through the importance of social, legal, and ethical issues that may arise with their product or service and the implications of decisions made within those frameworks. It is designed to help the learners understand ethical and legal issues related to marketing practices. This knowledge helps to prevent such issues when developing the marketing strategies in their marketing plan. The executive overview of the marketing plan is not a summary and conclusion, but an overview of what the plan entails and what it does not address.

Assignment Steps

Note: the Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications assignment is part of the total marketing plan as outlined in the grading guide. It is not a separate paper.

Producing and marketing a product without regard to ethical, legal, and social considerations is detrimental to the overall success of any company.

With the following previous “four” marketing reports attached below, this project is based on the company of Apple, Inc. and their “Apple Pay Service” product.

Below is the topics on what needs to be written up

Assess in a maximum of 700 words or more the ethical, legal, and social issues affecting your product or service in two markets: the United States and one international market. Domestic market generally means the market where the company headquarters are located. If you choose a domestic market that is not the U.S., then your other market is required to be the U.S. marketplace. This will be added to the Target Market section of your Marketing Plan.

Include the following:

  • Develop a process to monitor and control marketing performance. This process could be a flowchart but a flowchart is not required (flowcharts do not count towards your word count requirement).

Formulate a maximum 350-word or more executive summary including at a minimum the following elements to include in your marketing plan:

  • Required executive summary elements:
    • Strategic Objectives
    • Products or Services
  • Optional executive summary elements:
    • Resources Needed
    • Projected Outcomes

Altogether for this section of the project report, a total of 1,050 or more words-excluding cover page, reference page, and any table charts or graphs used; if used must include description to count towards final word count.

Integrate the previous weeks’ sections, social, ethical, and legal implications, and executive summary into the marketing plan.

Attached below is a “Marketing Plan and Outline” attachment on how the project outline needs to be structured.

The marketing plan should be a minimum of 3,850 words or more and include the following:

  • Incorporate Understanding Target Markets (Week 2)-Paper attached below
  • Incorporate Promotion and the Product Life Cycle (Week 3)-Paper attached below
  • Incorporate Price and Channel Strategy (Week 4)-Paper attached below
  • Incorporate Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy (Week 5)-Paper attached below
  • Incorporate Executive Summary, Legal, Social and Ethical Considerations (Week 6)-what needs to be written up and incorporated into the final project marketing plan

Cite a minimum of three or more peer-reviewed references for the Week 6 “Executive Summary, Legal, Social, and Ethical Considerations” section of the marketing plan project that will be incorporated into the previous weeks’ assignment references.

Peer-Reviewed is “two” or more references. Per instructor request for this Week 6 written section of the “Executive Summary, Legal, Social, and Ethical Considerations,” include APA citations throughout document within research, especially as it pertains to any financial or statistical data discussed about.

Include proper title and sub-title headings for each topics listed above for research.

Most importantly, No Plagiarism per instructor request and will be checked-if used points will be deducted off or will be considered a failing grade.

Include all peer-reviewed references from the previous weeks’ individual assignments in your marketing plan-alphabetical order in proper APA format.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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