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the question is about a philosophy

make sure that your understanding of the topics you are required to explain is

correct. If you show an inaccurate understanding, you will lose points.

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(b)Make sure that every sentence you write is true, justifiable, and clear.

(c)Make sure that you are writing for a beginning level student who is new to the

material, and write so that such a student can understand what is going on. not

your audience here, so do not write to explain things to

him). Lack of clarity will lead to losing points.

(d)Make sure that you answer all parts of each question.

(e)Make each answer sufficiently clear and detailed that any reasonable and

informed person can see that it correctly answers the question.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you have put in enough detail, be

on the safe side and put in more detail, while still keeping your answer within the

space limits already set.

There is no minimum length, but if your answer is less than a page in length, it

most likely does not have enough detail in it.

(f)Use standard, neutral English in your answer (not slang).

(g)Keep your answers focused and concise: do not waste any words, do not write

introductions, do not put in anything more than what you need to get your point


(h)Each answer should be understandable independently of every other answer.

(i)Use a new paragraph for each new idea.

(j)Use proper spelling throughout each answer.

(k)Use proper punctuation throughout each answer.

(l) Use proper grammar throughout each answ

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