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Use of Gender Titles

Use of Gender Titles

         In my critical analysis essay, I will be concentrating or rather targeting the English scholars as my audience. This is because these are the people who are relatively critical thinkers and are substantially involved in challenging the use of words in English, which in this case might include gender- sensitive words. Scholars are interested individuals who have a lot of question to ask on various subjects by challenging the already existing language while at the same time also providing their views and suggestion on the use of English words. There are a lot of difficulties I will encounter; however, my audience will benefit a lot from my critical analysis of my selected article since I will provide several insights on the use of gender-sensitive words and how the article brings them out. Well, my analysis in the areas of the article such as how the writer brings out their point of view will help my audience clearly understand the context of which the author is writing. My audience will also benefit from the fact that I will use gender- sensitive words and explain such terms as menstrual periods, mental illness and mentality relating to sex using gender- sensitive words.

          This particular article is written in a manner that basically might not be understandable, or rather it is not easy to directly decipher the meaning and the author’s point of view. This is why my analysis will be very vital in helping my audience in understanding the various concepts and views points projected by the author. First of all, studyprimarily provides a simplification of the complicated concepts and ideas of the article. Some important issues are brought up by the author in the article, and an example of such matters relate to the use of aword such as aperson, woman, among others that I will help my audience understand by relating them to the author’s point of view. My analysis will focus on providing a clear understanding of the author’s message and opinionin a clear way. There is also the important fact that is prominent in the article that my analysis will focus on to enable my audience to understand this article, such events which include the need to erase gender insensitive words from English.

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          Well, my primary purpose of analyzing this article is to provide my audience with an understanding of the author’s ideas and point of view. Also, I am intending to provide additional context to help my audience in understanding the text clearly. Some of the settings I will introduce include the use of words such as menstrual periods which is mainly inclined to the feminine gender and mentalities that are essentially related to sex. It is worth nothing that, I am no intending to use my analysis to convince my audience that the author’s ideas and point of view are correct or otherwise. In fact, I intend to provide the audience with insights and a better understanding so that the decision as to whether the author is right or wrong will solemnly depend on the public’s understanding. I agree with the author recognizing the fact that, in some cases, there is need to specify gender.

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