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week 8 workshop qualitative workshop

Workshop: Qualitative Research Workshop: Week 8

Note: This week’s Workshop is scheduled for later in the week than most Workshops in the course. This is to allow you the opportunity to complete the participant recruitment and interview steps and then reflect on your experience in the Workshop environment.

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  • If you are collecting phone or face-to-face interviews, the audio recorder is the most important tool for ensuring accuracy in capturing the interview. In addition, you may or may not want to take notes during the interview.
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  • If you are conducting e-mail interviews, format your document using the following guidelines:
    • The questions are clearly numbered.
    • The language is clear.
    • The entire protocol is included.
    • Include a way to reach you (e-mail or phone) should the participant have questions.
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  • Remember to take notes for your audit trail of your prep work for the interview. As soon as possible, write down everything going through your head when the interview is concluded.

Between Day 5 and Day 7

Reach out to one of your classmates to serve as your peer-debriefing partner. Then, describe your recruitment experience, including responses to the following:

  • How hard was it to find people to interview?
  • Which interview format was used: e-mail or other electronic media (social media, text apps), in person, or by phone (including Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp)?
    • Was this your preference? What was the process of setting the appointment and working out the format?
  • What did you do to make the interview process go smoothly?

By Day 7

Provide your debriefing partner with your interview audio (if possible) or the transcript. Listen to your partner’s audio or read the transcript, and provide to your partner’s Workshop space feedback on the quality of the interview.

Submission and Grading Information

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