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Grantham University Document Management System Presentation

HIMT 1150 Final Project

General Overview:

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You will create a 5-10 slide power point presentation relating to computers in healthcare, specifically relating to Health Information Management. In addition, write a two-page paper.

When you upload your paper, SafeAssign will review it for plagiarism. If your paper is 30% or higher I suggest you redo it and submit it again before I grade it. As a recap, the SafeAssign review should appear shortly after you submit the paper. If need be, redo it and submit again so paper is under 30% plagiarized.

The grading rubric for this project is provided.


The paper should be in APA format. The ATC Librarians canhelp you with APA or request help from You have access to free online tutoring through or select the link located in the menu area to the left of the Blackboard classroom.

View the following websites for how to cite your paper:


2. APA Sample Paper:…

General Points:

You will need a Reference and Cover page, which are not part of the two pages. A title page and Bibliography should also be part of your 5-10 slide power point.

In the center of the page, insert a colored picture of or relating to your topic. Centered below your picture:

1. Include your name

2. Date

3. HIMT 1150

4. Instructor’s name ex: instructor: (colon) Dr. Angela Leverett

Paper Topics:

Select one topic from below to complete your final project.

List of Topics:

HIM Software applications

HIM Databases

prov by Encoders

Electronic Health Records


Computerized Assisted Coding
Cancer (Tumor) Registry software



Smart Cards

Document Management Systems

Speech Recognition

Personal Health Records

Health Information Exchange

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